About Qartaba

Qartaba Homes takes pride in having a legacy of providing ‘First Ever Interest Free Housing Solution’ in Australia. Growing population and new migrants from overseas and interstate migration led to increased housing demand. Extra ordinary increase in rents and fluctuating interest rates proved to be the last nail in coffin.

Qartaba Homes aims to turn your dream of owning an Interest Free House that opens up a world of comfort for you and your family, into reality at an affordable price that offers great value for money.

Who We Are?

We are Australian owned business and serving community for affordable housing without any interest.  Our main focus is helping those Australians who never thought of buying a house due to mortgage challenges. We provide them an alternate. We are supported and funded by individual investors who also want to support community for housing.


Qartaba Homes was initiated to provide alternate to the mortgage based existing housing solution. In December 2010, the thoughts and plans of years were executed when first phase of Riverstone Housing Project (RHP) was launched. Unexpectedly, this Phase was completed in few weeks’ time to give us a boost and encouragement.

Such milestones have never been reckoned as destination within our organization. We continue to strive to be ahead of our times and look for new ideas in every sphere of business to provide flexible and trust-able solutions to community. We owe our leadership position to our relentless pursuit to be the best.